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Originally Posted by marepa View Post
how is to live with that paint?

looks great, but if you have to clean it all the time, it kind of defeats the purpose for me.
I was thinking to go for Spacegray .. but I'm wondering if Mineral white is not a way to go. I've seen one (not sure if was MW or AW, but I though it had a bit of metallic feel to it) and was looking great!.

regarding the colors .. havent seen them for direct comparison .. but since the AW is not metallic, it will have that kind of plastic look to it.. so in a way it will be more white overall, the metallic white will get darker at places depending on the angle you're looking at it, but at least will look not just like a toy color
paint is paint, there's nothing special about it. (despite what MW owners want you to think ) It's all about personal preference on how clean you want to keep the car.

this isn't matte frozen colors or anything.

Btw, scoll up on this page, there's comparison photos, MW is darker as it has the metallic luster/finish