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Originally Posted by brava09 View Post
M3 all the way, the V8 is unbelievable.

The 1M is kinda ugly while the E92 M3 is hot hot hot.

How much tax for an imported M3 in Finland? I am trying to sell my M3, 43,000 km, clean service history, would like to get 31k euro.
Thanks. Depends on the year, but if your car is a 2007-08, I think the total import tax would be around 25k-27k euros + I hate the front bumper reflectors the us spec have (Sorry ) and would really like the eu spec odo and ac digits in metric units. I have looked into the us market and it might save me 5-7k euros, but buying a car in US would mean to fly over and have a look myself and changing a euro spec front bumper, odo etc , so basically in the end the savings would be around 2k-4k euros which is not worth the hassle and it is really hard to sell a us spec car here if we are talking about European cars imported from the US... GLWS though and thanks for your help

Stock for stock I much prefer the M3, but since you're planning a forced induction mod I'd go with the 1M for the far lower cost of achieving big power gains.
Thanks, but don't you think it would take almost the same amount of money achieving 450-500ish hp with the 1M (pistons, rods, turbos etc) than installing a stage 2 supercharger on the M3 (around 11-13k euros + install)?