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Arrow M3 or 1M...which one would you get?

Hey Guys. I really need your opinions on this one to help me out. I have always loved the e92 M3 and it has been a dream car for me. I drive a e92 335Xi at the moment as my daily driver, but got a new job a while ago and I am getting a company car for my daily driving, so I was thinking of trading my 335 for a M3 or a 1M. Really confused at the moment, because I really don't know which way to go

I am planning to keep the M3/1M for at least 5 years as it will be a weekend drive around car / track days and a project as well.

Here is what I am thinking, I really think that the manual transmission M3 would be more reliable than the 1M, because I haven't heard anything going wrong with the M3 (Let me know if there is something to be aware of). 1M ... based on the 335 engine is not that reliable (just my opinion, please correct me if I am wrong), based on the problems that I had with my car, fuel pump, injectors etc, don't really trust the N54/N55 anymore... On the other side, forgetting the possible technical issues, the 1M over here is much more rare than the M3, which makes it a little more interesting and maybe keeping the value better. One thing that really bothers me is that I am planning to mod the car (M3-supercharger, 1M-DP's, IC etc...) and the 1M's reliability really comes in question at that point, though I haven't heard anything bad yet, but I have heard only positive things about the supercharged M3's and that after many many miles they are almost as reliable as stock.

Prices here are really high compared to the US, the M3 I am looking at is a 2008 with 32000 km on it and priced at 75k euros which is around 90k USD. The 1M is almost new, 2012, 8k km's on it and priced at 85k euros which is around 102k USD Thanks to our lovely taxes...

Long story short, which route to go? Guys please let me know WHY as well

Thanks for your help!