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I've never driven any of these, but here's my opinion:

1. Porsche
2. Ferrari
3. Audi
4. Lotus
5. GTR
6. Lamborghini

Like I said I've never driven any of these, just my own opinion of possible maintenance, looks, and lots of articles. Here's why I pick each:

Porsche: I'm just a Porsche guy. I learned to drive on a 911 so I love the tail-heavy feel and its looks. I also know from experience that you can run it like a race car everyday for decades without a problem.

Ferrari: I really love the looks and sound of this car! Since its a Ferrari I look at it with a weary eye since I love Porsche's so much (watch the movie Le Mans, that's where it all starts!) but this car just looks so dang good!

Audi: it's an Audi, a super Volkswagen, it won't break and it just looks cool, but I wonder about everyday practicality.

Lotus: This car just looks fun! Not a good daily driver from my understanding, but as far as track use.

GTR: I do like this car, I really do, but I just can't spend that much on a Nissan. I do know that as far as driving goes this car is top of the line, but I think of it as buying an NSX new. Great car, but it's a lot for the badge.

Lamborghini: I just don't like them. I think they're ugly and hear time and time again that they're dogs on the track. I mean they can't even finish their races at ALMS. Plus reliability sucks. An engine for the Gallardo is $12,000, that's about what I paid for the engine in my car and I know it'll run to 250,000 miles easy.

Now like I said, no personal experience here so all of y'all that have Lotus's, Ferrari's, GTR's, R8's, and Lamborghini's would know better than me. I'd like to hear any inputs on this, whether you think this is spot on or have a different view, I think the best opinions of a car come from its owner, so please share!