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Originally Posted by rgrovr View Post
From CNNMoney..

Straight from the Secretary's mouth as it relates to how to achieve for the waivers from the HHS link I posted earlier. Read the TANF memorandum and her statement on what will constitute a waiver tells you the whole story.

Now if you're ready to have a reasoned discussion on the facts.. we can talk.
What's also from the CNN article:

Recipients would still have to get jobs or prepare for work, but states can now apply for waivers of the original requirements.
The part you quoted earlier is also interesting. You first stated:

HHS will exempt states from the federal work requirements if they increase by 20 percent the number of TANF (Welfare as its known) cases that lose eligibility due to increases in earnings, a measure called “employment exits.”
Looking for some sort of source where HHS says it will exempt states from the work requirement. Nothing you have posted (except some quote with no source) has said that. All that has been said is that states can apply for waivers, which may allow other things to count toward the work requirement, but it's up to the STATE, not Obama. And the state has to prove that those changes will increase the welfare to work percentage by 20%. Again, nowhere does it say anything is removing the work requirement.

You're the one being unreasonable. Stop it with the little attacks. I'm trying to get you to post facts, not partisan lies and opinion based nonsense. Funny how offended some of you people get when you have no proof and are just grasping at straws.

The fact still remains, Romney's ad says it removes the work requirements and that is a lie.

I'll sum it up for you again, maybe you'll figure it out. SHOW ME SOMETHING THAT SAYS IT REMOVES THE REQUIREMENT TO WORK. Everything you've showed me so far shows the complete opposite.
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