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Traded my M3, Saying goodbye....

Hey guys, I haven't really posted anything for a while, but remember I started reading and became part of M3post since 2007 just before the launch of the e92, I had my M3 since 2008, I really enjoyed reading a lot of useful information here, some great posters, which are no longer here. Just wanted to thank everyone who made DIY, helped me and others decide on exhaust, pulley's everything, I read M3post everyday, it was great time with my M3 and even though I don't live in the US I felt part of the M3post community, I sold my M3 a couple of weeks ago and bought the Porsche 991 Carrera S, which after a test drive left me without any hesitations to part with my baby, I've drive M3's since I was 20, so it was a big step saying goodbye, but I'm so happy I could get the C2S now I gotta wait till it comes in November, I don't want to start a flame war between these, but my options came to the new M6 or paying the difference and getting the P-car, after a track day with the M6, I had way too much doubts, and on my personal thought don't like the new M direction, but my post was to thank everyone who made this 5 years at M3post so memorable, thanks again guys