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Originally Posted by flipm3 View Post
My personal recommendation based off correcting the JB and MR on my M3s are the following:

One-Step Polish:
AF Tripple with a light cutting pad (Blue or Green)
AF Tough Coat with applicator pad

Personally, I would highly recommend doing an additional polish step with Meguiar's D300 depending on the condition of your paint. The reason I mention this is because AF Tripple has good bite, but it is so easy and fast to use that I barely even call it a "step" haha. The D300 will have more corrective characteristics and the Tripple will bring back good shine.

"1.5" Step Polish:
Meguiar's D300 with MF Pad
AF Tripple with light polish pad (this step is incredibly fast and takes no time at all, Tripple breaks down very easy and effortlessly)
AF Tough Coat with a applicator Pad

I just did my JB E46 M3 using D300 and Tripple. It took me maybe a total of 5 hours or so to do from start to finish.

If you're interested in hearing a workflow, I can definitely share what I did with my E46 and E90 M3. Just let me know and I can quickly type it out
I'd like to hear more about this. It sounds like a great combination. I'm looking to use the same products on my GFs black civic. Obviously I want the process to be as quick as possible.