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The CarCostCanada report has been one of my starting points showing markup to be ~9% over that of invoice; I've attempted to vet that number with a couple other 'invoice providing' websites that are free and they are all very consistent. The CarCostCanada site also provides both public and hidden incentives for the customer and the dealer, as well as financing / leasing rates; both very useful to have in your back pocket.

That said, I'm still uncertain how far this information will get me when dealing with such an expensive and (relatively) low volume car. I can appreciate, as many have mentioned here, the extra bargaining power such knowledge provides when buying something off the lot but can the same be said when ordering from scratch and consuming one of their few allocations (ordering from scratch being what’s currently rattling around in my head)? As you already pointed out baba louey, they're not making interest payments on those cars and can be a lot more patient with selling their allocation which isn't sitting on their lot.

To go one step further, with the F80 on the horizon, are there many people here who had their name in the hat for the E92? Should one expect negligible incentives on the first year release of a new generation?

Greatly appreciate all the feedback that has been provided thus far, tremendous community you guys (and gals) have here.