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Yup, every incident of unintentional acceleration is just an idiotic driver panicking and blaming the car for their own retarded mistakes since they cannot explain why they could not stop the vehicle, most likely because they accidentally stomped on the wrong pedal.

A few independent tests, including Car and Driver, have shown that there is no car which has enough power/torque to overcome its brakes. Sure, if you really had a stuck throttle, it might take a really powerful car a while longer to come to a complete stop but it will eventually.

In this Car and Driver test:

You can see that that the V6 Camry and the G37 both had nearly identical braking distances from 70mph and 100mph with closed throttle and a fully open throttle. In other words, ~300 is not nearly enough power/torque to make much of a difference on braking distances. It is not until you get up to the 540hp supercharged Roush Mustang, does the power/torque start to have a noticeable effect on braking distances but even still, the car will eventually stop.

Bottom line is brakes are always more powerful than engines.