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Originally Posted by Seminole View Post
Anyone who has a runaway unintended acceleration incident is a stupid person IMO.

There is nobody that convince me this lady did everything possible to stop the car. The Sorrento has a floor mounted parking brake which I'm betting she doesn't even know is there. If she stomped on the parking brake then stood on the regular brakes the car would come to a complete stop, guaranteed. Hell, I think every car sold can come to a complete stop, even with a engine revving at full throttle, using just the power of it's own brakes. The general public has no idea how a car works so when something like this happens they just flip the shit out and don't know what to do.

i'd also like to add that there is absolutely no excuse for having a "runaway" car or a "stuck throttle." every single car has an ability to be put into neutral, regardless of what the engine is doing.
people just panic and get stupid.