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Originally Posted by Autobahn335i View Post
I get your point, but the //M logo seems to influence your reasoning a bit too much

The two main advantages of the M3 over the standard E9x lie in the handling and, arguably, in the engine. Now how do you feel that whilst just staring at your M3 dashboard?

About the modding: just look at the Photo section on this forum: how many stock M3s are portraited there?? A stock M3 is nice, but no way it's the "be all, end all" machine some want it to be.
You get your kicks out of going fast 1,320 feet at a time. Whooopeee. That's like banging your own sister...yeah, you're getting laid but it's your sister. Taking a well handling/balanced car to a real race track where you actually turn the steering wheel to the left and to the right is like banging Eva Longoria. See the difference?