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Nice Vid, and good driving. Thanks for posting.

Here is vid test I did Friday morning early (light rain prior) to determine if Harry's Lap Timer would function okay while on a tri pod located in the rear center of the E92 (no direct sight to the sky like on the wind sheild). It appears to have done okay, only not to continue video for my second and third laps. Don't know why the video crapped out as the data was received. Second lap 2.16:22 and the third 2.19:43.

You commented on your line through Oak tree, and I too take a simular approach. The video, although much slower speed with this lap, indicates the line I drive. I sort of make it one continuous turn, (note steering input) late apexing over the gator next to the tree. I use third gear and once turn in is established, power is applied continuously, probably 3/4 throttle when over the girder with a lot of attention to what the rear end is attempting to do.

Good to see you, and hope to see you again soon at VIR.



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