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Enough of the Kia stuck accelerator lady!

It's day 3 of this woman's world tour, on the Today show. None of the hosts will dare to press her on her answers:
Q: "Did you try the brakes?"
A: "I tried everything".
This morning I actually heard her say the transmission doesn't have a "park" (it does). Here's what else she said:
"The first thing I did was call my husband, who works at an auto body shop. He told me to call 911, so that's what I did next". Yeah, because when I encounter a life-threatening emergency situation, I ignore what's around me and just start calling people. She also said "The car doesn't have a key, it has a pushbutton. I kept pushing it, it didn't work, so I held it for 15 or 20 seconds, and still nothing happened". Well at least I know how she spent her time while hurtling down the highway.

Every interviewer is afraid to call bullsh!t on her story. On one of the other forums, someone pointed out that in the video, you never see the brake lights come on, until the very end, where she stops and gets out.

Anyone have insight into this mess?