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I used to wish that more people in the office watched UFC - so there'd be more people to talk about the event with on Monday mornings. I no longer have that wish.

I miss the "old days" ... the days of one pay-per-view per month, the days of the anticipation.....

I miss the days of SOLID fight cards ... not watered down barely free-on-tv type cards with ONE good fight as the main event that we pay $55 or $60 for.

ONE fight falls through and the entire event gets cancelled....... Dana points the finger at Greg and Jon for "killing" the event when the event was never "alive" without the main event anyway.

The only thing more laughable than the card itself was the fact that once Hendo got injured Dana STILL wanted everyone to pay $55 for an event (which we now know Dana admitted to be entirely hinged on the main event) where we would watch Jones, the LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT champ take on Chael Sonnen........ a MIDDLEWEIGHT coming off a loss in his last fight!

Dana gambled .... and he lost. Jones wouldn't play his game and I'm LOVING it right now. I feel bad for those people who had fights and hotels booked though.

On a sidenote: Yes, I love watching Anderson silva fight too (most of the time) but to think that he would have jumped in and "saved 151" is just laughable.