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Supercharged E46 M3 - Stage 1 Paint Correction, Engine Bay & Body Wrap

Car: 2003 BMW M3

Service: Stage 1 Paint Correction, Engine Bay and Body Wrap Paint Protection


- Although the car was reasonably straight, the car required a deep clean to remove long term contaminants from the paintwork.
- The titan silver paintwork hid some smaller light scratches but every last tar mark was visible.
- Deep clean made this car look brand new again. The owner thought some parts (eg rear bar and skirts) had been resprayed!
- The engine bay was full of dust and dirt had built up around the wiring loom. Engine presents as new again and the owner received many compliments the next day.
- Gloss was restored and paint will be protected for another year thanks to our recommended nano sealant.

Photos here: