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Probably the greatest impact has come from the use of coatings, which have completely changed the landscape of the detailing industry.

Products like Zaino, Collinite, and etc used to be the best protection available but nanotechnology (AQuartz) or a reactive polymer resin coatings (Opti-Coat™ ) that offer a coating thickness of 2-3 µ (microns) and a scratch resistant hardness of 9H, greatly extended durability, scratch resistance and protection from the elements that can be measured in seasons or years, as opposed to others

For many years (twenty plus) my polymer sealant of choice was an acrylic polymer (Klasse) I then converted to a polymer sealant (Zaino) and used it for approx fifteen years, but automotive sealants and coatings(Opti-Coat™, Aquartz, Permanon, G|Techniq) have evolved immensely over the last five years or so and have changed paint protection to an inordinate degree