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Thinking of trading the M3 for a C6 Z06

C6 Z06? Have I gone mad?

I never had a thing for Corvettes. This was until 2011, when I went on vacation with the girlfriend to Maui and rented a regular C6. The interior was sub sub-par, as I was expecting, but everyday I had it, I looked forward to driving it. I remember never finding a seating position I liked, and even though it was an automatic, the motor and chassis got me hooked. It was a crude animal, nothing like the tamed beast the M3 is, but I had a new found appreciation for these Corvettes.

Yes, the M3 and the Corvette are of two different classes. Am I going to make a mistake getting into one? How's the market for these cars? I am leaving the country for good next year for business, so I don't want to be stuck with a car I can't resell. And if anyone can comment on living with one in the GTA would be great.

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