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My turn and I left my ego at home for this one..

I owned a 335 back when they first came out in 2007 - it was my first BMW and I thought it was one of the best looking cars on the road. Kept it stock and LOVED IT!!! Although back then there werent too many on the street; mine was like #2 in SoCal or something and obviously the M3 hadnt come out yet. It felt like every other car on the street was tryin to race to see what this new turbo was made of. Drove it like i stole it on a daily basis. Torque(y), great handling, great looking... was having the time of my life. Unfortunately I had to get rid of it when the market crashed and my business dropped by 90%. Fell on tough times and missed it dearly.

Shortly after I sold my 335 the first generation of the new M3 was released. Holy crap the M3 was sexy!! At the time I never thought I could afford one so I didn't even give thought to owning one. Over the next few years I would look on Autotrader just to see if there was a possibility I could jump back in another 335 because it was so much fun.

In early 2011 business took off. I was able to save and payoff old debts. By late 2011 i figured what the heck ill look into buying a used 335. But then I had this grand idea one day, ill go over to South Bay BMW and see if they have an M3 to test drive - just for kicks. I had heard how amazing it was but figured there was no way it was THAT much different than the 335. It couldnt be. Well... I was wrong.

For a week after the test drive I couldnt wipe the smile off my face. Power was totally raw, handling was tight and precise, it stopped on a dime, exhaust tone was addicting... I could go on and on. Within two weeks of test driving that car I had one in my driveway. Didnt even think twice about a 335. As much as I loved the 335 it just didnt compare and had nothing to do with the M badge or no M badge. They are both great cars but there is just something special about the M. Dont get me wrong, when I used to get in my 335 I thought it was the sh*t, and it was a blast; it was comfortable, I felt in control, quick and like I was part of the car (somewhat). However now when I get in the M3 I feel like the car becomes an extension of my body, like I am one with the car - nothing more needs to be said here. I have mad respect for how fast 335s are and Im sure there are some out there quicker than me. But I dont care, there will always be a car that is faster, more expensive, whatever. To me owning the M3 is about the experience, becoming one with the car and smiling everytime I get in it. I loved the 335, but now that Ive been injected with the M3 goods I will never look back.

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