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Originally Posted by clar View Post
I was seriously considering the 991 as a replacement for my M3 now that i have gotten the M5. I wanted something less practical and more outwardly sporty. I had thot i could finally treat myself to the much hyped about 911, but felt let down by the sound, steering, and PDK. I honestly won't compare the 991's sound to the M5 cos one is a FI motor and the other isn't. Personally, i would take the lack of sound in the M5 over the 991's somewhat irritating note. It kept reminding me of tin cans for some strange reason. I guess there is no running away from cylinder count here. The M3's high revving V8 is gonna be a tough act to follow for its replacement. I know for a fact that 991 Porsches are out. The other attribute that initially drew me to them was their legendary steering feel. They have taken that away and replaced it with something that doesn't even feel as natural as my M3's steering and the M3's steering is hardly the last word in steering tuning. Many have told me to hold out for the next GT3, but i generally don't like stripped out interior and big spoilers. If they managed to find downforce in their wind tunnel without slapping big spoilers and improve on the sound, I would definitely revisit the idea.
991 GT3 loses the legendary Metzger engine from the prior GT3 so it will sound similar to the 991S this time around... so cross that one off your list

I would live with the Porsche electric steering for the amazing things they have done with the chassis... perhaps 991.2 is going be the sweet spot of the series... or next year's Cayman since it's going to be their third (?) sports car with the electric steering, third time's a charm right?
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