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Originally Posted by scheherazade View Post
Lol. The nutsack comment made me smile.

I always had the impression that this is a good forum to be on if you own a Porsche.
Lots of threads with M3 guys saying "one day, I'll have a 911".

My only gripe here was with M3 guys crapping on 335 guys (salted my taste for em a little - I'll admit).
But 335 guys had a knack for telling M3 guys that they wasted their money.

One thing I noticed... if you go to driving events where people are actually using their 'super duper awesome' cars, you tend to not find many elitist jerks.
Maybe it's the face time. Maybe it's that bench racers have more opinion than they can contain. Who knows...

I agree with all that you just said. I have only encountered one or two toolbags at a Cars N Coffee meet, group run or track day.

Took my former M3 to VIR and ran with (among other E92 M's) some older E36 M3's, a couple of Vettes, a couple GT-R's, Honda S2000, and an M Roadster dedicated track car. Everyone was interested in seeing each other's car and learning about it. Great comraderie.