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Originally Posted by klammer View Post
Great video and driving! Love watching these vids, learning a lot just watching, you seem very aggressive on the curbing, really shortening the track and yeah a 2:13 is flying out there, I found the lap Will be watching this video again and again as you really seem to be using the whole track and hitting every apex. Couldn't quite tell but do you hit both apex' at oak tree or forsake the first one for the second? and down to 2nd gear for that one huh? Looked really good and love the 1080i as well as the wagon out there, great video
Thanks, the wagon is driven by a soccer mom and we progressed up from C Group together. She smoked a lot of the guys out there which I get a kick out of watching every time. Her lines are really good but she coasts a lot (that's from her own admission in class).

As far as Oak Tree, I've been playing with both techniques and still have not decided which one is better. In that session, I made it into a single apex (Oak Tree) which one think once I get it right will be the fastest way to go. I brake just past the 3 marker and then brake all the way into the turn until I'm at the left rumblestrip then I'm back on the gas all the way around Oak Tree. At least that's the concept, execution is still a work in progress due to that big tree being there, it throws me off.

Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
Great! Thanks for sharing!

Originally Posted by Purple Derple View Post
Well the only reason I say that is because it sounded like you weren't getting to full throttle until apex of 5a and in a HP car I would think you'd get more benefit from being on the throttle sooner than trying to carry as much speed into the turn as possible. I like to turn early too but trail the brake longer to keep the nose in on the curbing and to get the back to come around. Then its full power from there with a little breath at turn in for 5a. I haven't seen the data on it though so you probably know better.
Yeah, that was the line we started with when I first went out with my instructor back in February. But by that Sunday, we had switched to the line that I'm running due to what Bill mentions below. I requested the same instructor this time around and he was mostly happy with what I was doing at turn 4, he says I'm just a hair early but he told me not to mess with it since I seem to make it work. But I'll definitely try out your technique next time and report back.

Originally Posted by Sleeper519 View Post
I agree completely. I used to heavily compromise 4 but I still couldn't go thru 5/5A full throttle even with optimal line. You end up giving up time for position in 4 but can't take advantage of it in 5. I gained time just by turning in earlier and carrying a tad more speed thru 4.

Are you breathing off at all entering the esses or are you flat out?

2:13?! Johnny, you are a madman!! You're upping the ante on me now, I won't get back up there until end of Oct. with Chin.

Nice job!
Thanks Bill! Hopefully work will slow down in October and I can come out to play! I think that 2:13 lap could have been faster but I messed up at Roller Coaster and it cost me time all the way through.

Originally Posted by Porschefile View Post
2:13? what tires and mods? That's a very impressive time for street tires for sure. The previous fastest I've seen for a street tire (other than Leh Keen) was like 2:16 ish.

You're lowering my time goal for next event!
The same mods as before, AA Filter, AA Pulley, Akrapovic EVO, Eibach springs (w/ e36 M3 bumpstop), and PFC front BBK running PF01 pads. The tires made the biggest difference, brand new Yokahoma Advan AD08s (255/275) at 30psi cold, 38psi hot.

My wife took these photos... I'm so proud of her I can shed a tear