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Originally Posted by e92_m3 View Post
Just needed a car that's n/a. Not into FI right now. Maybe in the near future when the new F80 M3 comes out.
In my opinion there is nothing to suggest that the turbo engine in the next M3 will be more outstanding than the current NA engine, which is going to lead to a lot of disappointment on the part of die-hard M buyers. What is the big deal with a I-6 that can make 450 HP? There are a number of cars that far exceed that already. Everyone knows that it take only a few grand and you can make 450-500 hp with the N54 engine. The prospect of spending 75-80k (likely will be more) on a new M3, only to have you ass handed to you by another car that cost the same or less, is not appealing at all.