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Originally Posted by e92_m3 View Post
If the new 991 CS starts at $96,400, the 991 C4S will start close to or even at $100K for sure. Budget is not there for another brand new car, so I have to have to pass on brand new vehicle. This is not a $40K vehicle were talking about here. This is a vehicle that is over $100K after taxes and licensing. Hmm speaking of C4S, a used 997 C4S might do. I really wanted an AWD vehicle with 4 doors. We'll see.

Anyways, my budget is around $40-$45k for a used RS4. Don't like a brand new EVO X or STi since they have that boy-racer look. I also don't like the attention the EVO X and sti gets in the freeway. I rode in my friends EVO X on the way to L.A. a few months back and we have encountered 5 cars (I really counted) that tried to race us. All my friend has aesthetically are a lip, lowered, and some knock off rims. He has a downpipe, exhaust, and a tune under the hood. It's really sickening coz these guys pull to the side, lower their windows, give us that "I wanna race you" kind of look and go for it. One of them even had to tailgate to get attention for a race. Take note, his EVO did not have the spoiler, but still guys tried to race us.

I really wanted to get an AWD vehicle that suits my age, is good for the snow, European, and fun to drive.
Why not look at a 335xi? Mine has been with me for 4 years and it has served me well in harsh winters in the NE and possesses all the positive attributes of the series without any of the unwanted attention.