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Originally Posted by ///Montreal3 View Post
Sweet Jesus, did a 335 owner REALLY call it the new Supra?

That's gotta be a new level of pro-335 elitism and snobbery.

2JZ's are notorious for making obscene amounts of power on stock internals and being stronger than a brick shithouse. N54/55's? Not so much...

2JZ > N54/55

edit: just as asinine a comment as "335s are the new Civic" IMO.

Apples to oranges.
Yes I did...and I'm a "former" n54 335 owner. Don't be confused, I'm referring to the n54, not the n55.

Yeah these motors are sooooooooo different. Both are inline 6 cyl, 3.0 litre turbocharged motors with forged internals. Apples to oranges

The single turbo n54's are making 650 wheel right now and they just came out...and the internals have nothing to do with these "low" numbers right now. These singles are going on daily driver cars like Sikh335, Captaininsano, CupertinoSteve and FBIS where these guys are getting full spool at 3,500 RPM and want to keep daily drivability. These are small 58 and 62mm turbos. The single turbo supra's making 1,000 wheel are at full spool much higher in the RPM band with much larger turbos. The n54's will keep pushing and pushing as we are just in the infancy of single turbo upgrades.

AND I've been in quite a few single turbo Supra's as well as Shiv's single turbo 335. He took me for a spin just after beating a Ferrari 458 Italia at Trona. The visceral experience and power delivery are very similar.

How many single turbo 335's have you driven in?
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