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Originally Posted by ///Montreal3 View Post
Sweet Jesus, did a 335 owner REALLY call it the new Supra?

That's gotta be a new level of pro-335 elitism and snobbery.

2JZ's are notorious for making obscene amounts of power on stock internals and being stronger than a brick shithouse. N54/55's? Not so much...

2JZ > N54/55

edit: just as asinine a comment as "335s are the new Civic" IMO.

Apples to oranges.
Until we really start seeing the single turbo conversions out on the street in any numbers its hard to substantiate claims in either direction. Personally, I think the N54's potential has just begun to be explored.

2JZGTE's power capabilities came from far more than just their internals, but I do agree with your analogy.

I've built and run both a 2JZGE and a 2JZGTE in my IS, the GE could not run the numbers the GTE could simply based on varying design elements, such as the throttle body/intake runner positioning over the block. It had nothing to do with the internals, which after I built the bottom end, were identical. Such modifications for the n54 may emerge in the future enabling it to take on the GTE.

BTW, I also owned a FBO/Meth n54 335