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Originally Posted by m33 View Post
Thanks man I respect and love positive feed back as yours.

I'm done with lips I already managed to F up two of them But this one blew my mind
But the price blows a hole in your pocket also 4k worth
I totally understand where you are coming from, sometimes i just want to swap out the oem bumper for an aggressive aftermarket bumper and call it a day. But i am going to hold off because i have something in mind that i'd want get done first in the next few months.... list as follow...upgrade from 535 to 625/650kit, some BBK if possible as i've been wanting to do so since 2 yrs ago but my wheels just wont clear it for the front as they are super concave (i have no intention of getting rid of them or using spacers to fit the BBK, but if the use of spacers is the only way to go then the fenders need to be pulled, and also some street/track wheels.

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