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Originally Posted by rgrovr View Post
I really don't want to have to do the Dems homework on this one as to why this is nothing but gutting welfare reform from its current state with no authority under the law to do so. Let it be said that if the Pre-1996 welfare rolls could've used this new accounting measure, it would've looked like we had no probs to solve before Clinton signed the measure in 96.

I'll give you a hint.. a 20% increase of ppl leaving welfare in order to allow for waivers against the work requirement can easily be met at the same time significantly increasing the people coming onto to welfare.. laughingly easy.

The Romney ad is more than factual. The progressives can attempt to figure it out if you are open to have a discussion on it.
Not sure who your patronizing post is aimed at; as pointed-out by the OP, the ad was deemed to be a bald-faced lie. If you're challenging that conclusion, you need to direct your comments to that, rather than using this as an opportunity to disparage democrats, progressives, or the general "thinking population".