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Originally Posted by DaveDee View Post
Only a few days to go, next Wednesday forecast looks good too!
Did you solve the problems yet?
Hopefully you will be on the track in full flight
My car is at the mechanics right now. They've advised that I need to replace all the bushes on my diff. As always, I have oil, rear bushes, sealant and new bolts sitting at home but don't have the front bush. At the moment there are none in Australia so I will have to order one from Germany. In other words a piece of rubber the size of a 50 cent piece and just a few cm thick is my car's Kryptonite.

Having said that, I will still pop down as I've already paid anyway. The mechanic has advised that as long as I don't replicate the issue then I won't cause any further damage. The only saving grace is that the issue happens at 3-4krpm in second so in other words as long as I take off easy out of the pits and don't go too slow / take it easy out of slow corners I might be alright.

My intention (as long as no one has concerns) is to take the car for a couple of laps. See how it feels and if I am replicating the issue I'll stick it in the pits and take photos for everyone else. Let's hope that's not the case!