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A 991S with any options whatsoever is going to run you $105-110K.....while it is indeed a fantastic needs a body kit to get rid of the droopy ass end and that is going to add even more on to the $105K+ price tag. Sorry, but I ain't shelling out $40K more than a brand new M3 for it. Porsche has lost their fcuking mind on the base price of these cars.

On top of that, if ANYBODY thinks that the electric steering of a 991 provides better feedback/feel than a 997 versioned 911 or an E9X M3 they have lost their mind as well. They are purely blinded the Porsche badge. I, along with countless other non Porsche nutswingers, will tell you the new electric steering sucks donkey balls. And yes, even king Porsche nutswinger Chris Harris is not fond of the e steering. Go pick up a copy of "Excellence" magazie if you doubt me.

Get off the Porsche nutsack. BTW - I own a Porsche currently so this is not coming from a Porsche hater, BMW fanboi, etc.

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