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Originally Posted by baba louey View Post
Is the cash rebate from the manufacturer or the dealer? If it's officially from the manufacturer then there should be some very good deals to be had for 2012 M3's. If it's from the dealer then you should be able to get that deal any day of the year, in other words not such a good deal. In Calgary there are several colourful 2012 M3's (yellow, green, frozen black, etc) that the dealers should want to move. 2013 production started in July. I'm guessing no cash back for ordering those.
It's from BMW Canada. It applies to all 2012 M3's, so I imagine even the Individual ones. And, as you said, they stopped being produced in July, and the first 2013's are arriving on the lots now, so it applies to all 2012's still on the lot.

EDITED to add: That's correct, no incentives currently on the 2013 M3.
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