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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
Wow-people really spend time going to different online car forums challenging random people to street races?
Erm's post I completely understand, but yours lacks civility and it's a little offensive.

First off Earl and I both are very aware of each others cars, the history etc. I've posted before how much I respect what he's done with it, I'm sure the feeling is mutual. Was his call out a little random, lol? Maybe and I think Erm addressed the reasons why, but I don't mind and we certainly are not two random enthusiasts, we're just having some fun on a SPORTS CAR FORUM, this isn't about the state of the world, it's about comparing sports cars, and if we can both make it we'll run at the airstrip event.

Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
This is what happens when you have kids growing up with rich parents or family money who maybe "work" for some parental company, but has no work ethic or values. Seriously this must be the most immature thread I have ever seen and I am pretty immature myself.
How this is relevant I'm not sure.

Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
We have a country on the brink of disastor, failing countries around the world, and you spend a sunday challening some random internet folk hero with an m3

Sad life
Again, it's a sports car forum, good or bad in your opinion we are taking about cars, lol, nothing more really. So should we all just shut down and not talk about things because the country and the rest of the world is going to hell in your opinion? Should we stop having fun or debates? I'm pretty sure people would love to see this race happen, so what's the big deal?

In regards to your last comment, I take it as a compliment even though you meant it as an insult, why you felt compelled to say it, I don't know, objectively you have no clue what your are taking about. I can list plenty of things I've actually gone out and done or accomplished over the last 8 years with the M3's that I've owned that weren't simply typed on a keyboard over the internet. I can assure you I'm real, not random, and I've done quite a bit for the BMW community and up to this point certainly more than you ever have, that's not to say that's the most important thing in life, of course it's not, but again this is a sports car forum where we talk about M3's and other cars and I would hope in a civil respectful manner.
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