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Originally Posted by pharmdphd98 View Post
What a bunch of BS. People who say This often do not even own one. I own both and can tell you that the GT-R is as raw as they come! .

but what would you want to drive if you have a million dollar bet on the racetrack?
Pharm, didn't realize you took delivery of your GT-R, congrats, and post pictures! That being said, "raw" is certainly one of those loaded terms that often creates wars on forums. Everyone has their own perception of "raw", I think most people would argue that raw is typically equated to bare bones, less is more school. Whereas with the GT-R, it's more of MORE. It's a hyper/super/amazing car that uses amazing technology and stunning power to demolish tracks and road courses alike.

You don't need to defend the GT-R here, if anyone doubts the GT-R, they need to do their own homework.