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Originally Posted by z335is View Post
Hey guys, I currently own an '11 e92 (stripped) M3 and have loved every minut of ownership. However, over my two years or so of ownership, every now and then I've found myself longing for some amenities (sat radio, iPod connector, etc) or something more (comp package, edc, mdrive). That being said, I feel like I'm at a bit of crossroads with the car. I've looked long and hard at other vehicles in the price range (and slightly below and above) and I've found that most are either undesirable to me or they have a new model coming out in the near future (Cayman, Sti). So I'm trying to decide among the follow options:

1) Keep my car and see what the next M3, Cayman, etc have to offer in a few years.

2) Trade my M3 for another e92 with perhaps comp pkg, and some other options

3) Trade for another car now - C63 AMG Coupe, Boss Mustang, CTS-V Coupe?

Your advice is MUCH appreciated
How about a used e63 AMG? The brute power and torque combined with a Mercedes interior make it a sweet option. Not sure if you're into 4 doors or two though.