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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
Keep in mind the audience we are arguing with. As a 335i owner, the vast majority could not get into an m3 and thus their minds are closed off to hearing anything otherwise. So no matter how many solid reasons why the m3 is a better experience, they will either ignore it or twist it around, even if subconciously so its really a lost cause.
Well, I guess I must be in the minority, cuz, I just didn't even consider the E90 M3 when I was looking for a vehicle and bought my 335I. First of all they are not even in the same category, so I don't really even understand why a consumer would be struggling with the choice, or even cross shopping both cars in the first place. More than just price separates these two cars. They are targeting two completely different market segments.

Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
I will say it again thought, it is the EXPERIENCE of the m3 that walks all over the 335 and 99 percent of us buy a car for the day-to-day pleasure factor. That is why I think its a joke when people say a 335 is a better DD. I like to enjoy a car at all times and the experience of the seats hugging you in a really nice leather, staring at 9k tachometer, listening to a high revving v8 engine knowing it is one of a kind and was not available in any other car-engineered with purpose for the m3, race-car like handling and feel and the looks of the car to go with it.

After all of that is enjoyed, if someone can beat me from a redlight I really would not blink. Punching it for a thrust forward is pretty boring after awhile. While the m3 "experience" brings joy day to day and you just feel you are in a unique machine, probably the most special m3 to date in terms of its powerplant and transmission.

Also knowing it is one of the only high revving low displacement V8's on the road adds to the special factor.

Now does any of what I said include 0-60 or 30-100 stats. Not at all.

Add high flow cats to the m3 and it is lights out. I would take a cut in HP to have the sound of an m3 if I had to-414 hp at 8300 rpms is more than enough thrust to keep things enjoyable.

Also consider what makes something enjoyable. It is an aural experience which takes sense of sound, feel and perception into account which is processed in our brain as pleasure. So while thrust down low of a 335 gives a good sensation and percieved pleasure, the m3 gives stimulation to multiple senses including the high screech exhaust and intake note, strong thrust and perception of feeling you are in a special car-brain interprets that as all pleasure and this vastly outweighs the simple pleasure of low end torque which is why at the end of the day all 335 owners want an m3
For a guy who is supposedly satisfied by his M3, you spent an awfully long time writing all this stuff to reassure yourself of the validity of your purchase. Kindda sad really.
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