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Originally Posted by Nguyener
Im more of a lurker then a poster on forums unless its to give props to some well done cars. However some post from SOME 335I owners bugs the $hit outta me. Like this one
Originally Posted by Bash View Post
You're kidding right? Without a blower none of the M3s will touch the CTSV stock let alone modded and I don't care how many bolts on you have. I rape non supercharged M3s all day and i drive a 3 series 335. Lol
Im not calling this one member out, it's just an example and theres plenty others with this attutide.

I just want to get this out there.

So what if your MODDED 335I might be faster in a straight line? You think if we can afford our M3s that we couldn't get a 335I or something even faster in a straight if we wanted to? Maybe we wanted our M3s cause it has one of the BEST N/A V8s out there, laps tracks faster, handles better, brakes better, steers better, looks better, SOUNDS 10x better and has a superior transmission DCT & 6MT then your 335I. So thanks for keeping us informed that you car might be faster then ours.

When I drive by 335's they look at me like this
Last night I had a guy in a 458 Ferrari giving me the thumbs up and he rolled down his window with his hot chick on the passenger side and told me me my car looked amazing. Doubt I'd get that kind of prop in a 335 that looks exactly like a 328 on the road lol.

You Drive an M3 you know EXACTLY what you have. Its not like any other BMW. Period. These Trolls won't phase me. Never will.