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You guys make interesting points. I specially like the ones that are 'kicking' me in the face. Thanks

I posted this because I was having a PM discussion with one member (a PM discussion started by the said member) who kept trying to defend a particular faith. I never tried defending Buddhism. I believe that the truth does not need a defense. I told this member that I would post this and see what people said.

So far I see 2 personal attacks against me and none against Buddhism. I see 2 'funny' posts.

By the way - one may want to look up Buddhism. Just a humble suggestion.

By the way Buddhism can be traced to the 5th Century BCE. Christ came 500 years or so later. Siddhārtha Gautama could not have thus talked about Christ.

Buddhism is about being awakened from the "sleep of ignorance" and has nothing to do with idol worship.

My favourite thing : Nobody has ever been killed in the name of Buddhism.