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Originally Posted by BMRLVR View Post
This is a very well written review, the only thing I do not agree with is the opinion of the sedan looking less sporty than the coupe....... For me it is the total other way around, I think the M3 sedan looks so much more muscular, sporty and purposeful than the coupe....... It is no wonder that I have Two M3 sedans.

Since my brother owns an 08 RS4, I have some seat time in one, and I have to admit that it is a wonderful car and is one Audi that I would definitely own.

To the OP, nice review on the 991 911S, I think that this shows just how good of a compromise the the E9X M3 really is. Take the kids to school and pick up groceries during the week yet still be able to take it to the track on the weekend. I honestly think that if you can only own "one" car, the M3 is hard to beat.

No question for me either. The sedan looks great