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Originally Posted by MDRracing13 View Post
Caspita, I feel like bare bulb would still show a decent amount of reflections. I'm definitely going to try to reflect the flash off of the wall/ceiling tomorrow to see if that helps. I hope that if they're faced at the ceiling, it will take away some of the reflections of the ceiling lights, even tho they aren't lit. I'll keep you guys updated!
Originally Posted by MDRracing13 View Post
I'll definitely try to take the soft boxes off when I go back on Monday
Although logically it may seem like there would be a decent amount of reflections, it doesn't come close to using any form of modifiers. I've been shooting cars from quite some time now, and the only time you could really get away with modifiers is when the color is matte, when you're shooting interiors, or when you're light painting.