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Originally Posted by clar
Originally Posted by PaneristiDriver View Post
991S with PSE sounds better than 99% of cars out there and is right up there with the best.

Why do you have an m5 if you care that much about the sound of a car? The f10 sounds like absolute garbage even with an exhaust.
If u are indeed driving an M3 like your profile suggests, u must be really sorry with this much love for a 911, yet "stuck" with an M3. I don't know what they feed u to make u say this, but your obsession with the crappy flat-6 note is mind boggling. I won't even bother engaging u on the M5 cos i don't think u deserve my time.
Let's not take this south. Sound is subjective and an opinion. Just like music is. 95% of the population wouldn't like the sound of performance exhausts cause they are too loud. Again subjective.