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Originally Posted by Malek@MRF View Post
Are you really claiming that the EPS in this car is actively making changes based on some mic that is present in the car?
That is how the DIRAC algorithm works. I takes input from a measurement device and adjusts the signal to get a desired response.

Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
not true. I don't get disortion with the settings nearly at the middle
You don't get distortion with the settings in the middle because the middle is basically the "no boost" setting. Every time you request boost on a certain frequency, the amp needs to increase the output signal to the appropriate speakers to create that boost in frequency response you requested. If the amp doesn't have enough headroom to do that, you basically clip the signal and get distortion. Even if the amp does have the headroom but your speaker has reached its mechanical limits, again, you get distortion. The system works as a whole and if any individual pieces is being pushed beyond its limit you get distortion. The DIRAC is still making adjustments in real time but the baseline for the adjustments are based on the configuration of the EQ.

Think about it this way, if any boost at all automatically causes distortion to be produced by the processor, why would it be designed with an option for boost to being with? Why not just make the upper limit 0dB and only allow for cut in each frequency band to prevent distortion from ever happening? Its because the processor itself is not creating the distortion, its another part of the system that is being pushed beyond its limit.
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