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Just when you thought it couldn't get any better- Auto Finesse to the rescue!

Alright...... A lot of you guys read my interior post on using Auto Finesse back in July. I finally got with Martin D. at Auto Finesse and he helped me pick out specific products based on the look i wanted to achieve. Here is quick rundown of the steps....

1. Wash car
2. Use Iron X
3. Re-wash car
4. Clay bar car
5. Dry car
6. Use Triple Polish
7. Use Tough Coat paint sealant.

I was going for something that would bring out the shine on my Interlagos Blue. I also wanted it to feel as smooth as silk and have a reflection of glass in the paint. I'll let the pictures explain the rest!

I tried to get some pictures of how dirty the car was before but i couldn't get the right angle. Here are a couple close ups of what she looked like at the beginning.

Next was the fun part. I got to use my new foam gun! That was a lot of fun!

After I got her washed, I sprayed on Iron X and let it sit for 5 minutes. I did pull the car in the shade when I sprayed this on. This gets everything off the car so when i clay the car- it will be a lot easier!

Then I had to re-wash the car! YEAH!!

Then I pulled her into the garage and I started the clay bar process. I didn't dry the car. I just pulled it into the shade and started spraying on the Glade. This stuff is amazing. By far the best lube for a clay bar i have ever used!

Next, it was time to use the Triple Polish. I put it on with an applicator i got from Martin. It was real easy. The motions that I did was as if the car was in a wind tunnel. I did small sections at a time and let it dry to a haze and wipe off with a micro fiber towel.

Finally was the Tough coat paint sealant. Honestly, i thought this was going to be hard for some reason- it wasn't. All I did was spray it directly on the car one panel at a time and then use the applicator pad to go in a wind tunnel motion. It then dried to a haze and then i wiped it off with a micro fiber towel.

Here are some final pics of how the car turned out. I tried to get shots of how reflective the paint was for everyone to see. As far as how smooth the paint feels- it almost feels like alcantara is prob the best way I can describe it.

I had a helper and it took us about 5 hrs to do everything. The car freakin' turned out amazing. It looked so good that my dad made me do his. He isn't even a car guy! If you guys need anything for your car- don't hesitate to give Martin a call at Auto Finesse. Everything he sells is super easy to use and the results are...well you can be the judge for yourself!

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