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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Wow quite an adventure with the train breaking down! Anyway that's an absolutely beautiful exterior's going to be quite a love affair keeping it spotless! I take it this isn't going to be driven much in the winter? This is going to be my daily driver so I wanted the least cleaning commitment possible so I got Mineral White. I think I washed my 335 like 5 times in 3 yrs

I'm told by my SA that the M3 will spend about a week at the VDC in Oxnard where it will get some carbon fibre add-on's and other prep, and should be ready to pick up as soon as the dealership gets it. I'm just now reading the manual but I will need a week to figure out all this DCT/MDM, etc stuff as I'm a slow learner. And I just got to the break-in I can't redline this thing right out of the lot???
Haha, yes, we'll have to endure through the break-in period now.

Carbon fibre parts - that will look great on Mineral White! Mineral White is a terrific color for the M. I've seen two in person. Yes, cleaning will be less of a chore. I've been lucky with dark/ black cars - which I use year round - and haven't had any real issues. But I have a lot of patience for handwashing and waxing my cars.

I'll be waiting for pics of your car!
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