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Originally Posted by Mr.Metak2you View Post
Look at his steering angle in the first pic. He tried, but given the speed and like others have mentioned his tires lost contact as he did his General Lee reenactment.

Seems like a fairly remote area. I wonder if he had a cell signal or he had a long walk to a major road for help.

This could have been far worse.

First, call it dumb luck that he went off the road where he did. If you look at the steering wheel angle, he is luck he lost grip and went straight off the road and had some large boulders slow him down rather than a 1000lb saguaro cactus fall on top of the car.

Second if he had gone off mid turn, the car would have more likely gone sideways, probably ending in a roll over situation. Maybe lose an arm or serious head injury.

Lastly, the circled area highlighting the WALL of boulders, would have been in the path if he didn't go straight off. The sudden deceleration would have been ugly.
Poor Kid,Thanks for the evaluation