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Originally Posted by GIdriver View Post
Nope. As much as I respect and admire the C63, which I drove prior to buying the M (although not on a track) , I still prefer my M. I 'm not sure how to explain it but I sort of feel more "connected with the car" in the M, among other things. I like the looks of the M better also, but that's a matter of taste anyway.
I've never driven a C63... but there's definitely something addicting about our M's! Can't even explain it. I've tried to explain to people in person when they start asking my shit about my car and try to compare it to other cars and im like, no you just don't understand bla bla bla... I start sounding super biased cuz i own one and they just look at me like and thats when i just STFU. lol I'm starting to feel like im part of a secret ///M cult or something **///M-luminati**