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M3 vs. C63 AMG Coupe...

So today im driving my DD (Old IS300) in NYC when all of a sudden i hear the sound of AMG music... I look and its a C63 Coupe which seemed like a black edition, but i didnt see the black series badge which led me to think it was a C63 with some aftermarket "black series" kit... I could be wrong but the point is that this car Looked/sounded AMAZING. Those extra wide fenders had me like At that point I asked myself... Should i consider one of these after i've spent 2-3 years with my current E92??? (I don't really intend on upgrading to the 2014 M3/4 as of yet.)

Soooo I came home tonight and searched online and found this M3 vs C63 AMG comparison;

Obviously its not black series in the comparison but i wouldn't consider a black series C63 due to its much higher price tag (i'd much rather get into a Porsche for that price)...but how about a normal C63 with a black series kit? Would any of you current e9x owners consider the C63 AMG coupe if hypothetically speaking you could swap it for your e9x right now?

Facts: C63 has more torque & more horse power than an M3 and sounds better stock. Not to mention it's got a really nice interior & looks VERY appealing with that black series kit.

Lets get some opinions!!!

Some images for your reference:
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