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Originally Posted by dom_cmh View Post
I know I would if it was true. A quick "Google" of his plate and the words "new Jersey" lead right to this post. What's funny is the OP himself typed the plate name into his post. If he just left it in his picture and nobody commented on it then the search wouldn't have came up with anything.

We obviously have no idea if the story is genuine or the circumstances. I find it odd he went through the trouble of posting but was rather nice in his comments saying he understands if someone is in a hurry...blah blah. If you got ran off the road and you are upset enough to track down the driver on here then you would think you would be a little more pissed off.
Maybe, but I doubt the legitimacy of this. If a car just almost ran me off the road, my first thought is not "I'm going to google his plate(if i even managed to get it and remember it) and my state (or other related information) and hopefully he will be on his corresponding car forum where I can create an account and post in his thread my anger. Most likely someone trolling.