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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
It makes them feel better about themselves so never bothers me. They also have to put significant mods in which would make me really weary of losing a warranty. Only a FBO 335i plus a tune really takes out an m3. I for sure am one not want to crank boost and push the car that hard as if anything happens I would be SOL.

Even besides that however, the 335i is fast and handles great but it lacks the special feeling and experience of the m3. If on the other hand you don't "feel" special driving the m3 in terms of enjoying the v8, enjoying 8400, enjoying the soundtrack, enjoying the DCT and enjoying the nice seats, the DIRAC sound unavailble in the 335 and the handling---not to mention the looks, than yes, a 335 is just as good.

I prefer to have a car that is factory fast.

Bottom line is when offered an m3 over a 335, 99 percent of them would choose the m3 so that is really the bottom line

Agree. When someone says My X is "as good as" or "better than" Y, what they are really saying is; I wanted Y but couldn't afford it.