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Originally Posted by Jason View Post
Sorry, but UK seems to be getting the new Navigation Professional iDrive later and not in accordance with this general rollout schedule.

The 2013 US M5 and 5 series have it now, but the UK 2013 5 series does not. It's a matter of production capacity - BMW doesn't have capacity to roll it out for all models at the same time, so some markets get it first and others get it later.
The UK is one of BMW's largest markets and they have shafted us royally. I will not buy another car from this bunch of cynics. They still haven't publicly stated when the UK F10s will have the new system on the UK web site. I had a series of emails back and forward with BMW UK, including reference to the misleading information on this forum, before they finally admitted what they were up to.

BTW, for any potential F10 buyers in the UK, the new system will be fitted in cars built from September.
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