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Originally Posted by kosmo69 View Post
the torque of 40nm seems high to me. It was 25nm on my m5. Wonder why they changed it?
I'd post images of the pages from TIS but for the copyright issues. My car also has an "anti-twist lock" on the filter housing cover, which as far as I know, was not included in earlier cars.


I again checked TIS this morning and the correct torque value for the oil filter cap is 40 Nm.

I also found a TSB (SI2010-000110626) entitled "Increased tightening torque for oil filter head cover S65."

It states:
Situation: Increased torque for oil filter head cover.
Affected vehicles: All M-vehicles with S65 engine
Measure: The tightening torque has been increased from 25 Nm to 40 Nm.
This measure aplies retrospectively to all vehicles with S65 engine. The torque of 25 Nm specified on the oil filter head cover should be ignored.
Procedure: Observe the changed tightening torque in the repair literature in ISTA.

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