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Originally Posted by RPM90 View Post

I do feel bad for the kid. I'm sure he wasn't expecting his lack of skill to bite him the way it did.
That's the thing with young adults, they think they are bullet proof AND they know everything.

I'm sure there are young drivers who are more cautious, and have better driving skills. As well, there are older drivers who have been driving for decades and their driving skills still suck.

Let's keep perspective here. This accident involves a young driver in a very capable sporty coupe. IMO, the biggest safety feature is a car that has great braking, steering, and handling. The M3 here, qualifies.
The problem is the driver, as everyone here knows.

The kid needs to do himself a favor and realize what happened and why it happened. Claiming the turn was tricky may help protect his feelings, but it sure won't help him learn what he did wrong.
The problem started when he first got in the M3.
As others have observed, the kid doesn't know how to properly set up his driving position, which would allow him to have better control of the vehicle.
He is holding his upper body up with his hands/arms while steering at the same time. NO, that doesn't not work for the best position for best control.
Listen to his throttle control, or lack thereof. He treats it like an on/off switch, NO control at all.
It's just all wrong. This video should be used to demonstrate to young drivers in training what they should NOT do.

BTW, I don't see any drop or bump large enough to have caused the front end to lighten so much as to make steering ineffective.
One poster earlier said it, 'target fixation'. Youngster saw the big and tall rock sitting in his line of sight and fixated on it rather than the road, and BAM!
Take a close look at the video a real close look, and you will see that he steered left but the car went air born just enough for him to hit the rock head on a side note there are plenty on dips on the road he was traveling on.